Welcome to AccessCS. Cued Speech is a simple sound based system which enables access to English for deaf children and deaf adults. Cued Speech uses eight hand-shapes in four different positions near the mouth to clarify the lip patterns of normal speech.

AccessCS can offer you or your organization training programs to learn the system. We also offer advice and support in the form of parent and baby groups for families with a deaf baby or young child.

Cued Speech I.

Cued Speech makes each of the 44 sounds of English clearly visible and different from each other, either on the hand or on the lips. With the vocabulary and structure of spoken language made visible, deaf children can quickly acquire an understanding of spoken language. So deaf children can understand and use English without barriers, and learn in much the same way as their hearing peers. Research shows that deaf children using Cued Speech can achieve literacy levels equal to that of hearing children of the same age.

Cued Speech II.

With Cued Speech, deaf babies, children and adults can see all the sound based units of speech as clearly as hearing people can hear them. It is a visual representation of the spoken language, in its entirety- not a translation!

Cued Speech III.

Cued Speech can work alongside British Sign Language (BSL) for true bilingualism in both BSL and English.