AccessCS was founded by Carly Simpson who first learnt Cued Speech as a little girl in 1990 (aged 7). She wanted to communicate with two profoundly deaf boys (aged 5) who started at her primary school and were using the system. She attended a lunch time club and picked it up very quickly. At the age of 7, she sat the adult exam to gain a level one certificate of Proficiency in Cued Speech. She was the youngest girl in the county to pass the adult exam with the highest standard of excellence. Carly qualified as a Cued Speech tutor in 2012.

Carly has gained experience working as a tutor for the Cued Speech Association UK since this time and has trained families and professionals to use the system. Her professional, caring, enthusiastic approach create a relaxed, flexible learning environment for people of all levels. Carly is currently writing a series of books for children which can be used as a learning resource for those using the Cued Speech system. Cued Speech Association UK are the only national charity for Cued Speech. AccessCS runs with the support of Cued Speech Association UK.

About Cued Speech I.

During her primary school years she was involved in many fundraising events to raise money and awareness for the Cued Speech Association. Some years later, Carly had relocated to the North East of England where she sought out local use of Cued Speech. She then got back in touch with the Cued Speech Association to offer to make them an educational film as part of her Media Production degree course. After this, she sat the level two exam to enable her to be able to start tutoring and running training courses for Cued Speech.

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About Cued Speech II.

Carly Says:

“People ask me how I learnt to cue. I was too young to really remember how, I just remember I found it really easy to do. It was when I met with Jamie (deaf boy from school) a few years later, that I really realized what Cued Speech was all about and what it could do for deaf children.

About Cued Speech III.

Carly Says Cont:

Jamie had started in reception being quite vocal and able to make sounds but there was very little form to the sounds he was making. Using Cued Speech allowed him to remain in mainstream school and fully join in his literacy lessons (with 1to1 support). When I met him aged 16, I immediately went to cue to him. He looked at me and said ‘It’s fine, I don’t need the cues, I can lip-read’. I was simply amazed at the progress he had made. He had deaf and hearing friends and had made such remarkable progress. This was all thanks to Cued Speech. Since then, it has been my pursuit to make Cued Speech an option that is readily available for parents when they first learn their child is deaf and they need a way to communicate with them naturally and in their own language.”




Its great. cued speech. and Carly Simpson is really good.

Michael Lambert,