Tuition and training

AccessCS offers a 1 day introductory workshop which will give you a good introduction to Cued Speech, its uses and benefits.

AccessCS offers training sessions to you or your organization to learn the complete Cued Speech system. The recommended time is around 16 hours. This can be broken down into several smaller sessions or completed in 2 full day workshops.

On going tuition and support is offered via skype, or follow up one to one visits where required.

Parent and baby support groups.

Local support groups are held around the North East as drop-in for parents or carers with a deaf baby or young child. These are an informal setting, allowing parents to chat and swap advice with each other. Although an informal setting, games or an activity are set every week, using some simple cues to be used in a fun way for parent and child.

In school visits .

School visits can be arranged for parents with a school age child who request to start using Cued Speech as an aid to their child’s literacy developments. We can visit during school hours and suggest ways Cued Speech can be used in the classroom to help them fully engage in their literacy lessons.

After school clubs.

After school clubs are another provision which can be made which then broadens the communication with peers during school time and it is a great tool for hearing children to learn as well!




Its great. cued speech. and Carly Simpson is really good.

Michael Lambert,