Cued Speech was originally developed with the express purpose of improving literacy levels of the deaf and hard of hearing. Over the years, the intended user base has grown beyond this population. 

The Cued Speech system can be of great benefit to anyone who has a difficulty in language development and comprehension. This includes, but is not limited to, those who have Autism and other pervasive disorders, Down syndrome and Apraxia. 

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Cued Speech is a great tool which can be learnt quickly and easily by the whole family and any professionals who may work closely with a person who could benefit from Cued Speech. The complete Cued Speech system can be learnt in around 20 hours. 


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Once the basics of the system are in place, a person can cue anything they want. As Cued Speech shows every sound clearly in every word as it is spoken, it is an exact representation of the spoken language - not a translation. Allowing the child access to the English language in it’s entirety.



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AccessCS can offer you or your organization training programs to learn the system. We also offer advice and support in the form of parent and baby groups for families with a deaf baby or young child.




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Its great. cued speech. and Carly Simpson is really good.

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