"We thoroughly enjoyed learning how to cue with Carly. She is warm, friendly, welcoming and most importantly patient! After two sessions we left with a solid understanding of the basic cues.  The aftercare offered was excellent and ensured we had support whenever we felt we needed it"

from Rachel and Chris Gibbins

Testimonial I.

We were already using Cued Speech in Spain when our family moved to Scotland, and we knew that nothing could beat Cued Speech for our deaf boy Leo to learn English. Carly's training sessions were professional and warm. We hope that more and more parents and professionals begin using Cued Speech here in Scotland. It is an easy to learn, cheap and flexible resource that really works!

Raquel and Diego Largo, Spain

Testimonial II.

We came across cued speech which could really help my son to develop normal speech. Carly, our cued speech tutor travelled to my home and she was really kind and helpful in teaching me the basics and important skills which have been useful in communicating with my baby. Thanks to her dedication, I was able to finish all my training in two morning! This has really given us hope.

Mary Kwok , Durham

Testimonial III.

We decided to try Cued Speech after finding out our son had Auditory Neuropathy (ANSD).   We were already using BSL and was worried that this did not give all the english literacy that our son would need. Cued Speech does this as there is not a word that you are not able to Cue.   We had read on the internet about Cued Speech and that is was based in Devon. As we are based at the top of North Yorkshire, we could see that the only Tutor as far north as us that was able to train us in Cued Speech was 'Carly Simpson'. We got in touch with Carly and she arranged to see us for several home visits to learn the system of Cued Speech. It looked a simple system on the internet and we thought how hard can it be. More....  





Its great. cued speech. and Carly Simpson is really good.

Michael Lambert, Alicemedia.tv